Planning and Preparation off the Tandem

The shopping lists I’m generating, and being given, are eclectic to say the least. Just yesterday I went out to acquire couscous, squash, hot dogs, cycle socks, a waterproof jacket, and plastic bags to act as shoe liners on wet days. We’ve taste tested instant porridge, snack bars, malt loaves and noodles as well as energy gels and drinks so I’ll be buying the selected varieties soon.

I have visions of standing in soggy lay-bys heating rice, pasta, couscous, mash, or even porridge on the trangia in order to warm up a rain-sodden pair. Hopefully we will be blessed with the sort of weather we’ve enjoyed this weekend, and they will be in need of drinks and calorie replenishing food (I’m stocking up on the cereal bars that Boo likes and Mark will be bringing a supply of Scottish Tablet back from his next work trip to Dundee as well as acquiring a range of energy gels, bars and drinks).

When we first came up with the idea of riding LEJOG I never thought I’d be sat on the sofa watching the two of them trying sandwich and freezer bags on their feet to determine their best options for emergency shoe liners. As a point of information the small tie handle bags work for Boo but Mark is going to need something larger.

So I now have a selection of boxes that I am loading up with supplies from around the house and tick lists that are becoming scarily long. But I can’t complain as this is nothing to the work that the pair of them do when cycling; especially now that Boo can use her cleats and clipless pedals to work even harder on the hills. With a mere 25 days to go (so 24 before we leave the house) I think the boxes, lists, and peculiar shopping trips are not going to ease off soon.

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