Ice Bath vs Bath Bombs

As part of our planning for our LEJOG tandem ride we’ve been talking about recovery and how to best prepare ourselves to get back on the tandem. Boo’s biggest fear (as she still hasn’t quite understood the implications of the tight contours on the map) is how she will cope with the pain of aching legs and arms. Obviously we’ve put forward the idea of ice baths but she has yet to be convinced of their usefulness so has had some fun making her own recovery aid

..bath bombs.

Chocolate Bath Bombs

She made these pretty chocolate scented bath bombs to raise funds in the run up to Easter and has a few left so has decided that the chocolate scent will aid her recovery each day.

Ginger Bath Bombs2

In addition she has made a fresh batch of delicate blue heart shaped ones with an invigorating mix of scented oils which she is convinced will help give her the motivation to get started each morning. As the oils include ginger they may well give her the added zing she needs.


But I think I’ll stick to a combination of muscle rubs, cold baths and copious quantities of Chapeau! Chamois Cream for the more delicate areas! We’ll see which approach is more successful later this month.


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