Finalising the Route – Days One and Two

30 days to go

Yes really, there are only 30 days to go, and so much still to prepare.

Top of the preparation list is finalising the route to identify stopping points, refueling options, support vehicle parking areas, roadside geocaches accessible in cycling shoes, bicycle shops in case of mechanical emergencies, and place to restock the food and drink supplies.

Whilst going over day one in detail we made an interesting discovery……

What looked like a bridge on the original planning map turns out to be a chain ferry across the River Fal! The King Harry Ferry runs every 20 minutes and takes 10 minutes to cover the 300 metre journey, so that will prove to be a good food and drinks break.

Day One Elevation1

As well as discovering missing bridges, we generated an online OS map. This splendid elevation diagram for day one gives us an overview of those contours. Please take a look at the map, especially if you are considering joining us to ride a section of the route or to wave as we peddle past.

We’re looking at a total of 92.78 miles (don’t you just love the accuracy of the Ordnance Survey?) on day one – Friday 30th May. This includes a generous estimate of 2 miles of  vertical ascent to take into account, but at least there are some good descents to the rivers! With an average speed of 13mph, and an extra one and a quarter hours in the saddle for the climbs, we believe that we’re looking at eight and a quarter hours in the saddle on day one.

This is our longest day, so we thought it wise to fit the miles in whilst we’re at our freshest. You do not need to know what our Support Vehicle said when we pointed out that we’re aiming to start peddling at 7am; but it did include the suggestion that we wouldn’t notice a few extra miles from our hostel to the start point whilst she had a lie-in/packed the car!

If all goes to plan we will arrive at Dartmoor Cycles in Tavistock at 5pm to meet the friendly and helpful team, and shake buckets for Cancer Research UK and Zoe’s Place children’s hospice.

By the end of Day One we will have travelled through Cornwall into Devon. On Day Two we make it into Somerset with the day ending at SJS Cycles in Bridgewater

Day Two Elevation

There is a bit of a slog through Dartmoor at the beginning, with Boo holding high hopes of spotting some ponies, but overall this is a more level day, and a mere 78.62 miles. We believe that with less than a mile of vertical ascent, and less speedy descents we’re looking at seven hours in the saddle so can have a more leisurely start time of 8am on Saturday 31st May. Do join us at Dartmoor Cycles if you are interested in a fun early morning ride through the scenic Dartmoor National Park. You can view the detailed OS map online to help you decide where best to join our ride if you would rather pick a section further through Devon.

Allowing for food and geocaching breaks we believe we will be at SJS Cycles in Bridgewater at 4:30 pm with a fairly flat ride for the last 20 miles (hour and a half).

We’re looking forward to being joined en route by fellow cyclists and will add the rest of our route over the next few days to help you plan your cycling too.


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