Boo’s Big Brownie Birthday Bike Ride

BigBrownieBirthdayLogo 2014 is the year of celebrations for the centenary of Brownies.

Boo joined Guiding as a Rainbow during the Guiding Centenary and enjoyed the celebrations including a Party in the Park at Abbey Fields in Kenilworth and a lovely Promise Renewal with fireworks party at Rough Close Scout Campsite.

Vision 9

She loved her time at Rainbows so much it was no surprise that she wanted to become a Brownie.

Bouncy Brownie

Brownies and cycling are closely linked for Boo.

Cyclist Badge

She gained her Sports badge by cycling and used it to create a scrapbook about her favourite British Olympic and Paralympic cyclists and learn about the British Cycling team and their incredible collection of Olympic medals, World Records and Tour de France jerseys. She is looking forward to adding to her scrapbook after the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and, of course, the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Now her final year of Brownies coincides with the centenary celebrations of Brownies called the Big Brownie Birthday and, once again, she will join celebrations at Rough Close. We were worried when dates were being set for the Pack Holiday but thankfully they are just before our LEJOG attempt.

Brownie Parade Helmet Hair

Boo is excited to have a party to look forward to whilst we race around finalising shopping and other arrangements, it is fairly clear who is enjoying the better deal!


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