Experimenting With Social Media

When we first hatched the idea of riding from Land’s End to John O’Groats we knew there would be a lot to learn but didn’t realise how many interesting paths it would lead us down.

This week we finally joined the Twittersphere where you can find us as @FamilyTandem. If you tweet then please do follow us and retweet any of our tweets that appeal.

Adjusting Helmet

We took advantage of the sunshine to take some photographs with DoubleTrouble and found that Boo is very relaxed with her lower position. Some might even say she is a bit too relaxed!

Relaxed Seat

As Boo has enjoyed the Club Run experience so much, and had some Stratford CC Junior training this week, we decided to make a couple of videos to show our Support Vehicle (and followers) some of the hand signals used to warn of obstructions.

Then, in order to link this blog to the videos, we discovered that a YouTube channel would be useful. So, we now have a YouTube presence as FamilyTandem.

As we said, the planning of our LEJOG adventure is taking us in unexpected directions and we haven’t even made it to Cornwall yet. We hope you enjoy this brief introduction to an ‘Obstruction on the Left’


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