New Steed Named

Stratford CC Tandem

When you look at this pair, and Boo’s cheeky grin as they peddle past on the tandem, what do you think they should call their steed?

We could not decide what to call the tandem but did feel that our new, shiny Dawes Galaxy Twin needed a name so we placed a poll on our Facebook page.

The poll closed last night (Easter Sunday) and the results are in:

Dragon Dynamics 7%

Green Goddess 15%

Green Arrow 21%

and the clear winner with 57% of the vote is….

Double Trouble!!!

And looking at the photo of the grinning Boo delighting in peddling on the new tandem we think this is the right name for the tandem (and the tandem riding duo).

So we will now refer to our lovely new tandem as DOUBLE TROUBLE as we use it to travel around the countryside of Britain.


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