The Countdown Continues

40 days to go


40 Days To Go!!

It is Easter Sunday so we have family commitments and the weather is doing the usual turn for the worse but I still feel I need to be on my bike or on the tandem with Boo.

At 50 days to go we didn’t feel ready but in the last 10 days we have acquired our new steed (the naming poll will be finalised this evening) so we are making progress.

Both Charities

We even managed to take some photographs of us with our charity t-shirts and the new tandem.

There is a lot to do before we start our LEJOG ride but we’ll just make plans for the next 10 days for now:

Boo has cycle training at Stratford Cycle Club during the Easter holidays

A Stratford CC Club Run

Finalise the Scottish end of the route

Continue with our fundraising efforts

Put the new tandem through it’s 100 mile mechanical check up

Wish us luck and please, please, if you can, donate to our charities as watching the funds go up does help encourage us out in the early mornings.


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