Boo’s Training Menu

It turns out that a 9 year old girl has a different approach to food suitable for bicycle training to her father. So yesterday Boo felt that going out for Mother’s Day with us and her grandparents would give her an opportunity to ‘carb up’ ready for riding today.

Afternoon Tea

Admittedly the Ivor Novello Afternoon Tea at Fourteas in Stratford was delicious and filling.

Oh, and beautiful to look at too.

Afternoon Tea Cakes Close Up

Luckily they offered a take home box (styled like a gas mask box to tie in with the restaurant’s 1940’s theme) for the cakes that the grown ups in our party could not manage so Boo has them for her bike ride today. Mark is more accustomed to using energy drinks, bars and gels when riding than ginger cake and bakewell tart.

We’ve identified one flavour of drink (forest fruits) that Boo will drink whilst cycling but she is not interested in the bars and gels. So, the problem is, how to keep a growing and energetic (but slow eating) child fed on a bike (as the cakes above are not really ideal).

Today she has filled her back pockets (for any non-cyclists reading this – the back pockets of cycling tops are designed to carry food, tools in case of roadside repairs, phone, wallet etc.) with buttered malt loaf; chocolate spread sandwiches as it seems too warm for ham; and tablet – also called Scottish Tablet or Tab, a sweet that Mark brings back regularly from his work trips to Dundee. She also likes jelly cubes, sultanas or vanilla fudge for bursts of energy on hilly rides. Mark remembers taking his mum’s fruit cake for similar energy bursts as a young rider and he still likes to carry Christmas cake or flapjacks.

After rides Boo enjoys just about anything with bolognaise style sauce (lasagne, pasta, jacket potatoes) or chicken but her favourite is probably fish and chips with peas, more peas, and any more peas she can eat with a bit of tomato sauce. Mark considers the nutrition a lot more; but then we do tease him that he is older, recovers slower, and probably works harder too.

So, how do they start a ride?

Well, porridge is a household favourite as it is quick and easy and can be different every time. Boo loves it with a spoonful of honey and a handful of white chocolate buttons. Mark likes it with fruit. This morning they had porridge with banana and salted caramel sauce (first discovered at Anglesey Sea Salt shop and visitor area) which has been the hit of this winter.

Yesterday, however, was the other breakfast they’ll enjoy during the LEJOG ride…a variation on the Full English and a real favourite here for a lazy (when we have them) weekend brunch.

cooked breakfast

We’re always looking for new ways to feed the two of them so please send us your favourite recipes that keep you going when cycling, hiking, kayaking, or whatever.


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