Visiting Zoe’s Place

On Monday morning we paid a visit to  Zoë’s Place Children’s Hospice. Boo was a little nervous as she has only attended fundraising events so far but we reassured her that the hospice would be a positive place for the children to visit. The first thing she spotted on arrival was the beautiful ironwork at the front of the hospice and these roses brought a big smile to her face.

Zoes Rose . Zoes Place Fence

It was really great to see the facilities they have to care for children and their families to bring them a little comfort when dealing with serious illness. Jane and the rest of the team gave us a really warm welcome and were interested to hear of our plans for the ride. Boo was especially welcomed as everyone seemed really impressed at her determination to complete the ride.

Sunshine at Zoes Place

We were given a tour round the facilities (virtual tour available), which were undergoing some cleaning during our visit. Each room was so cheery, brightly decorated and extremely well equipped. Boo was especially impressed with the baby Jacuzzi in the bathroom, the marvellous sensory room, and the colourful soft play area.

We were also shown the Family Suite which enables a whole family to be accommodated in support of a sick child. The area had everything needed for independent living and it was clear that the provision of assistance to the family unit was a key priority for the care they provide. I can only imagine how important that must be when taking care of a child with life-threatening or life-limiting illness and at the same time trying to nurture and support the rest of the family.

Heading down the ramp

We took a look around the lovely sensory garden they have at the back of the hospice, which provided some beautiful raised beds in a small tree-lined area. There were a number of members of staff who were nursing some rather sore legs after completing the Coventry Half Marathon the previous day. It seemed that they had a really successful day with a team of over 300 runners from donations from the watching crowd. It was great to see staff counting through cash from donation buckets and they have recently announced they raised over £40,000!

Meeting Jane and Zoe at Zoes Place

We finished up the visit with a few photos with Zoë Bear offering her support and assistance to our efforts, including a big push to set us on our way. She tried taking Boo’s place as stoker but wasn’t as at ease as Boo is.

Gathering at Zoes Place Helpful push by Zoe

It was really inspiring to see the work that they do and the joyful environment they have created to help those grappling with a very difficult time in their lives. I know it will provide some things to draw on for motivation during the tougher times in our adventure.

Please help us to support the work at Zoë’s Place Children’s Hospice by making a donation at our My Donate page. Thank you for your support.



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