Training Diary

We’ve had a lovely day enjoying the sunshine, and I managed to fit in a couple of hours on the bike whilst Boo was watching the National Theatre’s production of War Horse with her grandparents, then I started to review our training dairy and thought it was time to share our ride list on here.

We have a few events, and races, booked and I’m even going to the Go Ride Coaching Conference on the 15th March in support of Stratford CC Juniors.

Some weeks ago we decided that it would be good to try to do a long weekend of cycling to test our Support Vehicle processes and to see how our legs coped with getting back on the bike repeatedly. With all the winter rain this ride has been postponed and we now have our fingers crossed for reasonable weather from the 21st to 25th March as we intend fitting in 4 days of riding (subject to my work commitments). Happily this will include the Solihull CC Reliability Ride which will take us through the Vale of Evesham on Sunday 23rd March. The rest of the weekend is still up for discussion so please let us know if you have an interesting route starting and ending within 30 minutes drive of Kenilworth although we are quite keen to complete the Warwickshire Loop after our Hatton Locks experiences.

The rest of our organised events planned looks like this:

Saturday 29 March: Mark at Victoria Park Criterium (although I’ll only have time for the first race as it is Mother’s Day weekend and we are going out for afternoon tea with both Boo’s grandmothers and I need time to spruce up)

Sunday 30 March: Tandem at Wiggle Motion in Mercia starting in Wolverhampton (we have agreed this with our Support Vehicle and will ensure she has plenty of Mother’s Day gifts and delicious food once the ride is over!)

Weekend of 12th/13th April: Mark at Victoria Park Criterium OR the Telford Toothpaste – Hell of the Wrekin. I would quite like to attempt the Hell of the Wrekin as that is where I grew up and have so many happy memories. However the practical side of me (also known as our Support Vehicle) suggests that it might be better to spend the Sunday riding with Boo on the tandem.

Thursday 17th April: Boo white water kayaking training near Llangollen whilst I ride in the area.

Friday 18th April: Boo white water kayaking on the Lower Treweryn whilst I ride locally.

Saturday 26th April: Boo racing at the Victoria Park Youth Races

Sunday 11th May: I’m riding the Etape Caledonia in Pitlochry with a team from Johnson Matthey Battery Systems.

Then it is time for the big ride.

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