Boo’s Views (50 miles on Sunday 24th February)

It was very windy and cold so deciding to do a bike ride sounded lovely in the bright sun, until we were about 5 miles in when the wind caught up with me and I completely changed my mind! Whoever set this route must be a little mad as they managed to put in five quite hard hills including one of them, Warmington Hill, which was very, very, very steep but, once we got to the top, it seemed almost worth it for the view.


At Brailes there was a hill downhill was a 14% slope and on this downhill we did not at all use the brakes (despite me screaming quite a lot) so we reached 47 MILES PER HOUR which is our fastest ever. I don’t know what the speed limit was on the hill but I do know that when we reached the bottom going round a corner with me screaming at the top of my voice, we saw a 30 mph sign and we were doing 39 mph! We can go quite fast downhill which makes up for our low pace uphill.

If you could ignore the wind it was lovely weather apart from the one shower. Even that would have been fine but the wind was so strong and we were cycling into it so it blew the rain into us. If you stuck your head up the rain stung your face and was very painful so I tried to keep my head down. When Daddy put his head down I had to put my head up so I did feel the rain quite a bit.

There was a food stop with bananas and drinks and then at the end there were cakes and more bananas. I like both cakes and bananas. My favourite porridge topping at the moment is banana and white chocolate chips but I also like honey. When we were in Wales in the summer we bought some salted caramel sauce and that is the best added to porridge but we haven’t got any at home at the moment.

I would recommend this ride if you are looking for a challenge next year. It is a circular route starting and ending at the Heritage Centre in Gaydon and goes all the way out to the Cotswolds. It was still really windy when we got back to the car and that made putting the tandem on the roof difficult. Luckily there were some people from Southampton University who we had ridden with for a bit at the end and one of them helped Daddy to put the tandem up so we could go home.

Now I’m getting ready for Daddy’s next mad idea…the Wiggle No Excuses ride on Saturday which is 80 miles. I’m waiting to see what the weather is like before I decide if I like this idea or not.


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