Boxing Day Cycling – 2013

Boxing Day started with the annual outing to watch the cyclo-cross on Kenilworth Common. This year with the added incentive that Bethany was racing in the U10s. A frantic scramble to get everyone showered, breakfasted, dressed appropriately and out of the door on a bike or with instructions on where to rendezvous. Surprisingly, we arrived in time to sign-on and do a quick course recce before the Grandparents and our support crew turned up. Boo had decided that this CX race was to be ridden in fancy dress (photos to follow), with santa hat, holly cape and Christmas bell fringed skirt over cycling leggings. We got her to the start-line only to realise that a loo visit was needed – AAH! no facilities here, but we improvised and made the start. She rode a strong race, picking her way past the many younger riders on a very small and tight course. The skirt caused a little technical difficulty at one point as it had slipped down a bit in the course of the race and snagged in the rear brakes, so it was rapidly dispatched in the second half of the race. Boo pressed on a scored a good finish, one of the first few girls. After the race we caught up with a few friends both from cycling and from around Kenilworth whilst watching the other races. It is really great to see how many people turn out to watch the event, no win its sixtieth year, I was amazed to learn. Afterwards we retired to a local eatery for some much needed hot chocolate to thaw out and revive us all.

Stage two of the day, after completing a few Christmas errands – failed visits to the sales to acquire a bargain – was to try to accumulate some training miles. To drive some seasonal motivation, I have signed up for the Rapha Festive 500. The objective is to accumulate 500 kilometres between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, so needed to get some miles in. So I headed out for a late-evening route with a plan to stay on the quieter roads and heading over towards Rugby. I got in thirty odd miles to add to my tally and get to the first 100kms. A decent start, considering I’m never that keen on cycling in the dark.



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