Lesson #4: Getting Better at Self-Promotion


Saturday brought the first of our events to do some fund raising and to undertake the important job of raising awareness of our mission. We were lucky enough for our friend Karen Heap of Bright Sky Ventures to offer us some space at one of the local Children’s Markets that she organizes. The event was in the church hall at St Francis Catholic church on the main street in Kenilworth.

The fact we had got this booked gave us the impetus to get a few promotional materials organized. We made up some display boards with details of the route and some photos and also got some business cards printed with details of this blog and our donation pages.

Boo had done some good work over the previous few weeks making up some Christmas themed treats to sell; Chocolate dipped pretzels, Reindeer noses, Reindeer poop (chocolate raisins) and her famous snowman soup (drinking chocolate, marshmallows in shape of a snowman and candy canes stirrer).

We had a prime spot, just inside the front door where we set out our stall of goodies, a collection bucket and our faithful steed attached to a turbo trainer. For those unfamiliar with a turbo trainer, this is a cyclist’s instrument of torture which one attaches to one’s bike and it allows you to cycle whilst going nowhere, without falling over. Strange when you put it like that!

The plan was to cycle a few miles on the turbo trainer, whilst meeting the good people of Kenilworth coming through the door, informing them of our crazy plan, seeking pity and support, hopefully attracting a few donations along the way and ideally selling some of our wares too.

In summary, the morning went very well. We had some good support from a number of visitors interested to know what we were up to, hear about our causes and our plans for the LEJOG ride. We passed on a good few cards to those with interest in following our progress and gained some useful ideas for further promotional opportunities.

ImageOn the cycling side of things, we covered 30 miles on the trainer in the space of ninety minutes; with a small stop for tea and cake, in the best tradition of cyclists. Our support crew ably staffed the table of wares and we sold a good cross-section of items, with the snowman soup and pretzels being particular favorites. Notably, the pretzels drew a repeat customer, who after sampling one packet returned to buy six more; so we must be doing something right there! All told it was a successful and enjoyable morning, which provided great encouragement for our training on hearing the support for both the idea of our LEJOG journey and our two charities. We look forward to doing more promotions over the coming weeks.Image

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