And so it begins….

We hatched the crazy plan of doing LEJOG in the summer of 2014 and started to map a route, which brought us to the realisation that the time has come to complete a test day. The British Heart Foundation Oxford to Cambridge ride seems to fit the bill.

It is a flat route and is of a distance typical of our planned daily mileage so will be a good test for us all. We’re dragging our support vehicle out as she has managed to avoid our rides to date. She says it was due to the lack of appropriate tandem carrying equipment, but we suspect she may have preferred her weekend lie-ins! We recently acquired, and installed, a suitable roof rack, so if you spot a tandem bouncing down the M40 this weekend something’s gone wrong.

We’re Oxford bound this evening as somebody thinks it will be good to start the ride at 7am, so we’ve booked the necessary local sleeping accommodation and selected our lunch time meet point. Unfortunately our planning did not allow for Boo picking up a stinky cold. Her dramatic sneezing may provide an occasional turbo thrust, but, as we’ve been investigating Newton, we realise that this reverse thrust will not enhance our journey. So……we’ve rethought our timings, adjusted our lunch plans (ice cream will be a more throat soothing calorie replenishing option for Boo), added extra replenishment and brow mopping stops en route and acquired some aero bars to try to ensure more efficient progress through the forecast headwind.

Oh, I’ve just been commanded by Boo to mention that she has a new pair of warm purple track mitts to protect her fingers on the journey.

I think it looks like we’re ready!


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